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Our digital free-form Multifocal lenses provide seamless near and distance correction, and everything in between (intermediate distances), so you don’t have to switch between multiple pairs.

At Urban Optik we offer 3 tiers of Multifocal

Standard Multifocal

Premium Multifocal

Exclusive Multifocal

Standard Multifocal

  • Perfect for first time wearers

  • Comfortable, sharp and clear vision

  • Freedom of frame choice

Standard Multifocal

Premium Multifocal

  • Large, clear viewing areas

  • Easy switching from far to near viewing areas for an instant focus on digital devices

  • Feeling more steady and secure when moving around.

Premium Multifocal

Exclusive Multifocal

  • Perfect for multifocal wearers that require wider field of view and wear specs all day.

  • Optimized visual acuity and a crisper image perception

  • Noticeably more relaxed vision thanks to precise and effortless focusing

  • More accurate correction

  • Stable vision when using modern, digital devices

Exclusive Multifocal

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